CycloClean Burners

The CycloClean Burner is a state-of-the-art vertical cyclonic suspension burner designed for dry biomass.

  • 5 to 70 MM BTU/hr capacity
  • Adjustable fuel & air controls
  • External air jacket for higher combustion efficiency minimizing radiant heat loss
  • Robust construction with Brick/plastic refractory lined combustion chamber
  • One burner can supply heat to multiple downstream applications
  • Addition of the V-Blade Damper to the burner system provides an infinite turn-down, heated air temperature control and positive heat shut-off to downstream process for added safety.

ACTOF® Burners

The ACTOF® (Ablazing Clean Thermally-treated Organic Fuel) burner is a horizontal cyclonic suspension unit for pulverized solid fuels of less than (18 mesh) or 1 mm. 

  • Non-slagging high excess air
  • Efficient combustion
  • External air jacket minimizing radiant heat loss
  • Adjustable fuel air controls
  • Turn-down upto 5:1
  • Outstanding durability