Rotary Cooler

Earth Care Products, Inc. provides state-of-the-art product cooling (organic and inorganic materials) via our proprietary Rotary Cooler technology.

Our proprietary flight design ensures continuous mixing of the hot product with cooling medium (air or water mist) to achieve uniform cooling of every particle to the desired specification. The flights are fully-welded on both sides to prevent product entrapment and fouling. Flight arrangement is designed for efficient product cooling while preventing product degradation.

The cooling drum can be designed to convey the product to be cooled either co-current or counter-current to the direction of cooling media. 

Rotary Cooler Construction:

  • ASTM A36 (for non-corrosive products)
  • AISI 304L (for corrosive products)

Ancillary Equipment

  • Drum Infeed via chute or mechanical conveyor.
  • Saddle drum drive for low-torque operation.
  • Front and rear trunnion bases for wheel sub-base assembly for ease of drum tracking and service.
  • Cooling media intake assembly.
  • Cooling media - Product Separator Assembly.
  • Product discharge assembly via rotary airlock or mechanical conveyor.
  • Inlet and discharge seals.
  • Controls and instrumentation.
  • Cooling media air handler.