For Sale: Used Mobile Torrefaction Reactor


ACTOF® Mobile Torrefaction Reactor rated for 1.5 to 3 tph

  • 6ft diameter by 30ft long rotary drum
  • Indirect natural gas heated
  • Water mist cooling product
  • 480 V 3PH 60 Hz power supply
  • MCC & VFD
  • Control room w/ heat and air conditioning
  • Operator's control manual
  • Trailer-mounted reactor complete with support equipment
  • Estimated utilities: natural gas = 6 MCF/hr @ 10 psi, water = 10 GPM @ 60 psi, electricity = 35 kwh

Biomass feedstock can be any dried < 10% moisture, sized < 1in x 1in x .25in thick cleaned of dirt, rocks, metal, and glass.  ECPI has successfully torrefied sugarcane bagasse, rice hulls, corn stover, wood chips, and wheat straw among others.

  • Bucket loader required to load automated start-stop infeed hopper plus remove and stockpile cooled ACTOF® product
  • Requires semi-truck for transporting reactor trailer plus support equipment
  • Loading, setup, and transporting information will be made available.
  • Startup and operator training is available
  • Data for permitting to operate is available given the type of biomass being torrefied
  • In-lab pretesting of buyer's biomass materials may be required and is available
  • Mobile reactor trailer and trailer loads of support equipment do not require oversize or weight permits to transport

The reactor drum is enclosed in an insulated furnace complete with waste heat entrained with VOC's liberated and vented from the reactor. Hot VOC's are burned by a natural gas flare.  Hot torrefied ACTOF® material exits the reactor via a rotary airlock. High pressure water mister pump sprays mist on hot torrefied material.  The generated water vapor vents up and out a vent stack.  An oscillating pan conveys the wetted cooled torrefied material to a small stockpile.  Removable floodlights provide all around lighting for night operations. An open top raw feedstock holding hopper filled with a bucket end loader provides a supply of feedstock for a continuous flow of torrefied biomass.


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