Earth Care Products, Inc. was formed in 1992. Members of our staff have been designing, constructing, owning, and operating wood pelleting plants since 1977.  Those same staff members are currently providing Engineered Biomass Solid Fuels and Ablazing Clean Thermally-treated Organic Futures (ACTOF®) manufacturing plants plus support operations and technology services.

The company has developed manufacturing technology and applications of its proprietary engineered equipment for biomass thermal-treatment, integrating a simple, indirect-heated rotary reactor that heats the biomass by controlled by time and temperature in a continuous flow. The patented thermal process can produce a wide variety of engineered biomaterials from all forms of biomass feedstocks for multiple value-added applications.  The process design takes advantage of years of experience processing biomass, manufacturing bio-solid fuels, and operating industrial biomass burners efficiently and safely.



Innovative Solutions

ECPI provides solutions for industrial dehydration and biomass densification systems with our patented Z8 Rotary Dryers, combustion systems, material handling and state-of-the-art control systems. We provide Engineered Biomass Solid Fuels through our proprietary torrefaction systems and ACTOF® (Ablazing Clean Torrefied Organic Fuel).


Our experienced team of mechanical, process, electrical control and torrefaction engineers are knowledgeable in many industries including forest products, wood pellets, torrefaction, agriculture, animal feed, rendering, bagasse and distilleries/breweries. We have many years experience in new dryer systems and replacement of dryers and burners.

Best Industrial Equipment

We design and manufacture innovative and robust industrial process equipment. This includes a complete line of our patented Z8 rotary dryers, solid fuel burners, bins, material feeders and conveying systems. Our equipment designs maximize process conditions and minimize maintenance through quality design, manufacturing and performance.

Engineering and Design


In addition to AutoCAD, we use parametric design solutions via SolidWorks platform to furnish detail engineering drawings for projects. Our engineering services include generation of mass-energy balances, process flow sheets, process emission estimates, plan and elevation drawings, equipment design, engineering and fabrication drawings, P&ID and electrical drawings. We also provide installation supervision for our equipment as well as commissioning services and continued customer service thereafter.